Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fashion Show : At Backstage Up2Date Fashion Show

Salam ...
 I want to show the situation in the backstage before the fashion show begins, the models here were doing their activities while waiting for the show began, of which they are doing is talking, playing with cellphones, there is also a take pictures with cell phone, eating and other etc.

here I had the opportunity to work together with my beloved sister her name is  Nunu

Special Thanks to :
Up2Date and Model :
Mrs.Lulu, Ms.Nunu, Mrs.Windy, Ms.Adila,

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  1. ka Lulu...please teach me how to warp a cotton hijab like that one you are wearing

  2. Elfira : Makasih :)

    Shinhaein : Hi, well then, i'll save ur request until next post ok! :)

  3. kak lulu yg aslways cantik dpt blogger award by me ya :D

  4. Risa : Thank u risa, nanti aku post disini yaaa...

  5. iw..manis2 semua...modelnya sama pakaiannya juga..^_^
    make upnya juga kere..
    uuw...semuanya deh bagus..perfecto..^_^

  6. seneng banget ya, berjilbab dpt kesempatan jd model shownya Up2date :D

    BTW aku liat di katalognya Manet juga ada foto mba Lulu ya ;)

    award sama spt dr Riza:

  7. Ratna : Thanks ya dah mampir2 ke Blog aku :)

    Tia : iya, happy bs jd model dengan tetap berpakaian muslimah, iya aku pernah di Manet juga ... Makasih yaa buat bloger awardnya, belum sempat di post nih ... :)

  8. From a male perspective, I'd like to see some hair and more skin.



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