Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dian Pelangi's Wedding : Resepsi Pernikahan

 Wedding reception was held at night on the same day and date.  
Dian Pelangi wearing a Palembang traditional wedding gown with a touch of white color.
We had changed clothes with a lighter color, half of us wear bright pink and half orange.

Do not forget to also present my lovely Hijabers, they wore distinctive Muslim dress "kaftan" with a touch of smokey eyes their eyes ... the atmosphere is like in the middle east.

I took this picture from Sendy
Thank you dear Sendy, you have taken our pictures.

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  1. itu yang pake dress+kerudung biru yang kerudungnys diangkat kayak rumah gadang itu siapa sih? kerudungnya lucu bangetttt..

  2. Namanya Icha ... iya kreatif yaaa :)



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