Sunday, March 13, 2011

Preparing for MyRin Photoshoot

Before the photos was taken ...
(The story about my activity as a model of "MyRin" to promote their new design,which takes once in a month )

My stuffs
Well, this things  are about my preparation before going to the photos session. I never forget to prepare my make up kit,coz even the sponsor have it,just make sure my skin are good on it and footwear !! yaph sometimes the size n shoes from sponsor aren't comfortable with me,so I bring some of my collections (ˆ⌣ˆ‎​​​​)
So put it on luggage then ready to the photos location ...

My style
Same like my daily outfit -wearing a blue jeans with brown belt, blue shirt and blue sky shawl plus handbag and blue jeans shoes no make up, just simple style and still charming ;)

After Make up

Dian Ayu, a bestfriend and my personal makeup artist. 
This is dian ayu (I called her ayu), this time is my 2nd opportunity working together with her, as u know I used to fancying oneself and for this session I asked her to focussed on my eyes, eyes is important for me coz eyes means everything like u can see the world through the eyes ˆ⌣ˆ‎​​​​

Finishing Touch
Look at my eyes n comparing it before ayu's touch it! soo ... gorgeous, isn't? this is a candid camera's taken while the photo session was held.for the full edition of this. Just wait and see my next post, okay?

well done ...
Yaaay!it's time to going home,but before it,let's take a photo with ayu :)

Insya Allah I will post another ayu's make up  creations and surely we will working together again ... 

Special Thanks to :
Anggrek Studio Mayestik
Mrs. Korina (My Rin Boutique)
Mrs. Dian Ayu (Make Up Artist)

Not allowed to copy & paste photo
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  1. Lulu masha'allah you look gorgeous!!! ;)

    xoxo khadija

  2. thanks for visited my blog ... ^_^

  3. luluuu....cantik banget...
    celananya juga keren bangett..btw by the way busway...beli dimana?? uhuuuyy!!

  4. Cantiknya Mba Lulu,salam kenal :D

  5. WoW..kak LuLu g make up jg udh cantik koQ..
    Suka,,Cantik aLami..
    suka sama cLana jeans_y kak,,
    itu dapat dimana?

  6. Ka Lulu mah as always cuantik tenan mau make up apa enggak :p
    Ka drolling sm clananyaaa niii ekekekek

  7. Woww Woww, alhamdulillah smuanya, salam kenal. Thanks ya dah mampir ke blog aku, smua pada nanya celananya ... hehehehe ... itu aku beli di Zara. hayoo dicari-cari ... ^_^



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