Monday, April 11, 2011

1st Islamic Study Hijabers Community

Saturday on April 9, 2011, Hijabers Community held a islamic study at the local Radio Bens Jagakarsa, filled tausiah by Bunda Fauziah, she is the mother of one of the HC Committee (Rimma).  
Full of colorful decorations, and of course there are flowers on the dress, the veil and the park also in gerobak bang bakso ^_^
Happy Watching All ... see u on next islamic study

 Decoration : Dian Pelangi
Video : Faz (Kara's Husband)
Photography : Lulu 

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  1. I think all lady's are looking more decent in hijab. Muslim girls wear hijab all over the world and i must it will apply all Muslims countries. When girls are going out of home for Education, Islamic study or other work they must wear hijab and cover them with cloth. Islam gives a best place in society to all women. All Muslims boys and girls have to find Ways to Learn the Arabic Language for understand all part of Islam.

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