Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Préparation Vers Le Maroc

Glad I was able to photograph in this dream house, thanks to Dian Pelangi and Noor's Magazine, we call this home as the home of Morocco. Because this place is designed like the buildings that exist in Morocco.

preparation to start photoshoot began with the make-up all models.
After that, we were all ready to fly to Morocco for a party as a bridesmaid.

Model : Dian Ayu, Lulu, Firda and Imbang
Photography : Lulu
Digital Imaging : Lulu 
Location : Rumah Maroko Menteng

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  1. Cantik yah tempatnya, ini Rumah sebuah keluarga besar atau gimana gitu??

  2. hi Inong, ini rumah yg di design khusus seperti di maroko, ini juga khusus di sewakan loh, bisa buat acara-acara perkawinan, pesta dll ... bahkan untuk shoot film ayat-ayat cinta juga disini...



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