Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ALUYYA : Feels Like Me

Fioolaaaa...  it's gonna be a wonderful day.
before starting the activity, it is better to choose what to wear for the activity.  
for the convenience of course  :)
and I choosed the new white shirt and bubble pants from " Aluyya  ". 
Simple style but really love it, and i love how the color of the scarf by H&M match with this clothes.
Exited!!! its feels like Me, haaaa' ... I'm simple!! great for mix and match and really comfortable !

Grab this "Aluyya" White shirt and Bubble pants on
follow their twitter @Aluyya

H&M scarf
Aluyya white shirt
Aluyya Bubble Pants
Witha's Shoes

Photography by Wahyudi

Not allowed to copy & paste photo.
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