Monday, September 10, 2012

Office Looks ...

Monday Morning bebb... 
Are you ready back to work !!!

For most of us, five out of every seven days are spent at work. This means we spend more time wondering what to wear to the office than we do wondering what to wear at home.

This is where men have a slight advantage. They pull on the same suit day after day and no-one bats an eyelid. But if we wear the same outfit two days in a row tongues start wagging - well, that's how it feels anyway.

To save your sanity in the mornings it makes sense to formulate some kind of informal uniform that you know you can pull on in a hurry without worry of colours clashing or tops not matching bottoms.
Inevitably this means suits and trousers in different hues of black and grey - we seem to have adopted the male dress code without questioning it. But there are alternatives out there that are smart enough to wear with confidence to the office while still asserting your own individual sense of style.

 I love my new bag, Laptop Case baby pink from BRESKHA

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