Thursday, February 28, 2013

#MyHijup (February 2013)

Assalamu'alaikum hi everyone...

Do you know #myhijup ? or ?
#MyHijUp works when all of the people who share or upload their photos on twitter, or instagram then put the #MyHijUp hashtag , the photos will automatically be on
so when you go to  the link you'll find sooo many inspiring stylish hijabis ! 

dont forget to like the photos you love by clicking the love shape button!
So happy when they are gave me to be jury to chose 3 winners from the people who shared their photos with the hashtag #MyHijUp ( period : February 2013). I was totaly confuse and didn't know which one should I chose to be the winner, they are cool, inspiring, stylish, and fun. to be honest.. that was so hard..but i have to choose 3 !!

Sooo... here they are the winners of the month ^_^

 I chose this one cause i love she is style with old style, sooo classy... with a simple hijab style, and don't forget about tone on this pic, vintage right !!

 Damn love her face.. hahaha... selain cantik, rani ini pinter memadukan sesuatu hal. Menurut saya mix & match antara baju dan jilbab Ok... Rani tahu pakaian yang dikenakannya sudah penuh dengan aksesoris, oleh sebab itu dia memakai jilbab dengan gaya yang sederhana tapi tetap anggun dan tidak perlu lagi menggunakan tambahan aksesoris di jilbabnya...

and this one... I chose this one because... i love this look, black bold its never getting bored !!
warna hitam itu tidak pernah mati, bagi saya selalu menghidupkan sesuatu yang warna apalagi dipadukan dengan warna gold yang memukau.

Black is real sensation, even if it is produced by entire absence of light. The sensation of black is distinctly different from the lack of all sensations.

Once again, Congratulation for u all...
Anyway HIJUP, terima kasih atas kesempatannya ...
Semoga bisa menginspirasi yaaaa ...

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