Monday, April 7, 2014

Wardah EyeXpert

A few days ago I was fortunate enough to be invited along with Wardah Fashion Nation at Senayan City to the launch their newest product, The EyeXpert series: Staylast liquid and gel eyeliner. 

I've love used eyeliner on my eyes, i swabbed Wardah's EyeXpert gel liner with the brush they included in the bottle to the top of my hand, it was creamy and soft and it was so easy to apply! The eyeliner was definitely one of the easiest liners I have ever worked with; the applicator brush is quite sturdy and it was very very easy to apply to the lids of my eyes without all the mess I usually do with other liners. Did I mention that both of these liners are waterproof?

I am super impressed with the quality of these products and honestly I can't wait to try them out again when I go out next: ) Thank you, Wardah! For more information, you could visit their website here, or you can go ahead and click on to their Instagram account at @wardahbeauty.

 i'll try to put the gel eyeliner on my eyes for my friends wedding yesterday...
What do you think girls??


  1. Harga eyelier'y brp mb???klo mau beli di mana mb??

  2. Hay kk cantik.. tanya donk. Hhe.. bgian bwsh mata yg wrn nya aga2 putih itu pk apa? Dr produk/warnanya.. hhehee.. makasi kk..



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